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    A Visit from Mnemosyne and I Feel Sad…Sorta

    One of the weaknesses of the English language is that it oftentimes lumps similar emotions under one broad name. Love, for example. One can love intimately, but also love his/her siblings, friends, pets, career, and adventuring differently. The ancient Greeks were more precise. They distinguished among love’s various expressions: e.g., Eros meaning romantic; Philia, for friends and others; Storge, between parents and children; Agape, universal love. Sadness is another term we apply to a broad range of feelings, often relating…

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  • Higher Living Reflections

    Earthrise: A New Mythology

    Two consequential events dramatically altered the world’s climate and ecosystem. The first occurred 66 million years ago when a seven-mile-wide asteroid smashed into earth near Yucatan. Within 24 hours, the species…