8 January 2014: Fundamentalists’ crusade hurts schools

Fundamentalists’ crusade hurts schools

The protracted, insidious war on anything public, launched by Ronald Reagan in his quip about the scariest thing one can hear, “I’m from the government, and I’m here to help,” has gone to excess.  The war, by the way, does not include eliminating tax-credits and other forms of corporate welfare.  In the dystopian Randian world of absolute individualism, corporations are really people worthy of public largess despite them being soulless entities focused on one thing only: profit.

The war on anything public has taken on a jihadist mentality, a religious fervor utilizing at first guerrilla tactics and now of late a full frontal assault.

It’s a crusade, and while its battlefields lie on various fronts, its primary objective, goal #1, is to neutralize—eliminate—public education.  The guise used is euphemistically called “reform” and the Great Satan is the teacher’s professional association, tarred and feathered and painted with the off-putting “union” label to make teachers, the ones who on a personal basis are seen by parents in a positive light, look like goons, thugs, interested in one thing only: maximizing their pay and time of at the expense of their students.

The genus that wants to “do in” public education can be divided into two species: Randian mega-wealthy whose obsessive belief is to do away with anything public from roads to schools and Fundamentalist Christians who have created, in addition to the bogeyman of teachers’ unions, the canard of “secular humanism,” the belief that humans are on their own not subject to a supernatural power.

Let’s call the neo-Randians “privateers.”  While we know their agenda, we need to look at their world view.  Like their royalist predecessors, they see one great enemy: Democracy, rule of the people grounded in the belief of the intrinsic equality of all humans with rights and liberties.  To them, democracy is the Great Leveler due to its power—one person, one vote—and therefore needs to be neutralized.

The privateers are Big Money people who use their anti-public education allies as stooges.  The Big Money people themselves might or might be True Believers in Fundamentalist Christianity, but what they do hold to is a fundamental belief in their status and wealth, and to them one cannot be too wealthy or privileged. The other 99 percent are mere peons and lackeys, necessary worker ants and bees whose sole purpose is to feed their betters’ voracious appetite for more.

A recent news item reported Republicans being nervous about crazies like Rep. Paul Broun, who holds evolution and the Big Bang theory are “lies straight from the pit of Hell.”

I suggest you not worry about zealots like Broun at the national level, but more than worry about board of education candidates that hold the identical view.  Running surreptitiously under the “reform” banner, they are beginning to take over boards and with majority power can wreak havoc on their local districts.

They are wolves in sheep clothing.  How dost one know them?  Ask them a simple question: Do you favor teaching creationism as part of the public school science class curriculum?  If the answer is not an unequivocal “No,” you will know their agenda.

Fundamentalist Christians are crusading to take over school boards, and they have one agenda: the Christianization of the schools and ultimately of society.  To that end, they have created a myth akin to the witch mentality in old Puritanical Salem, MA.

The philosophy of secular humanism is real, but it is not a religion.  Religion is not only a belief that posits humans are subordinate to a transcendent power commonly referred to God, Allah or _?_, but it involves rituals.  Atheists and others who are not religious don’t practice rituals; they simply live day to day comfortable in their belief that this is it, and there’s nothing beyond.  I’m not one of them, but I respect their outlook.  It’s simple, clean, and devoid of moral degradation common to the Great Religions.

The Fundamentalists’ crusade is real and has legs, having been birthed in the Douglas County schools and spread of late in our next door neighbors’ district, Jeffco.   A court has ruled, and conservative Denver Post editor Vincent Carroll agrees, Dougco guilty using public funds to influence the outcome of the BOE election.”

In Jeffco, prayer rallies are being called for “our new Jefferson County school board members [sic] Julie Williams, John Newkirk, Ken Witt, asking the Lord for wisdom, grace and protection over these precious people of God.”

These are the tip of the iceberg.

To be continued.

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