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Is Anyone Else Feeling the Same Way?

In a conversation with Writers Talk host Jerry Fabyanic about her recent work Is Anyone Else Feeling the Same Way?, Cassy Huidobro discusses her work that delves deep  for answers to spiritual questions she hungered for but simply couldn’t get because she grew up in a world in which it was taboo to talk about religion.

About the Book: Growing up, Cassy hungered for answers to spiritual questions she simply couldn’t get. It was either taboo to talk about religion, or people couldn’t touch the topic without judging different beliefs. She would ask herself:

  • Is there really one absolute religion?
  • Do we have a path set up before we come to Earth?
  • Should we always follow our intuition?
  • If so, why have free will?

These and other questions led her to a quest of self-discovery, purpose and belonging. Through personal stories, Cassy gets honest with readers and shares her journey of spirituality, lost love, reflection and finding peace. In this book, you’ll find solidarity in the search for finding answers, if you’ve ever felt the same way.

About Cassy: Cassy Huidobro was born in Lima, Peru and raised in Northern Virginia. She’s a writer and a poet, and advocates for social change by bringing awareness to divisive issues our society faces. Only then, she says, we’ll finally see each other for who we really are: Human. She holds an M.A. in Languages and Literature from the University of Utah and loves spending time with friends (books included) and family.


  • “The author beautifully communicates the struggle to break through the rules and beliefs about herself and life to find a higher meaning and understanding. The journey of questioning what is and why it isn’t something more as well as the internal struggle with our self and our Higher Power are relatable to anyone who has come to the conclusion that their life might not be working that well.”
  • “Well-written, honest and poignant read. I’ve had many of the same burning, unanswered questions and found comfort, validation, clarity and peace in Cassy’s quest for answers. Knowing the author personally, this book is a true reflection of the beauty, honesty and spunk, that is Cassy Huidobro.”
  • “Incredible read that will relate to you on many levels. Also empowers you to challenge yourself personally, spiritually, and beyond. I read it in less than a day, and felt a surge of desire to GROW. Excitement, hope and intrigue filled my body. Enjoy, you’ll love this.”
  • “This book was a joy to read! I loved her interactions with her Higher Self and her Intuition, how she battles with them or listens to them or negotiates like we all do! At times serious, always questioning spiritual truths, it was a fun read to the very last page!”
  • “Finished it in 2 days! It was extraordinary to read someone’s spiritual journey that felt comparable to my own. She’s a wonderful writer!”
  • “I love this book! Interesting, funny, thought-provoking, inspiring. It is going to make a great Christmas gift!

Read more about Cassy and her work, contact her, watch her TEDx talk, and join in the conversation: Cassy’s Website / Facebook / YouTube / TEDx Talk

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