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Before the Full Moon Rises

About the Book: No one ever told Deston the fae were real. He never imagined King Arthur was a real person, either, or that Excalibur had a twin brother sword. Those were just a couple of the secrets his mother had kept from him.

But after Deston’s mother mysteriously vanishes and he is shipped to France to live with a distant relative he’s never heard of before, he and a tenacious French girl, Margaux, get lured into the fae realm of Tir na-nÓg where he learns everything he believed to be true was a lie. For as it turns out, his mother did not just vanish, she was kidnapped by an evil solitary faerie and is being held prisoner in the lower realm. And if Deston can’t bring her and the king of the fae back to Tir na-nÓg before the full moon rises, darkness will reign over the realm and his family and the entire fae race will be destroyed.

As Deston and Margaux race through a strange new world filled with giant wolves, six-foot tall bats, and other mystical creatures, one question nags at him—how is a fourteen-year-old kid with no magic supposed to defeat true evil when the fae couldn’t? The only thing he knows for certain is he’s not going to give up without a fight. So this will either be the greatest adventure of his life or his last.

About the Author: MJ Bell’s love of reading and everything magical is what motived her to jump headfirst into a writing career. Little did she know that only a few years later she would be an award-winning author (Gold award from Mom’s Choice Awards), and have five books published, with more on the way.

Though MJ grew up in Iowa, her home is now Colorado, where she lives with her husband and dog, Tallie. Her family is a source of pride and joy to her, as well as a great source of inspiration, which she uses to bring a little more magic into the world.  

She loves to hear from readers through her FB page at MJ Bell Author or on her website:

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