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Food for Thought

Essays that Are Comfort Food for the Mind and Spirit

Food for Thought: Essays on Mind and Spirit is a smorgasbord of essays that remind us to think and laugh, reflect and wonder, and rediscover the forgotten self. The broad range of topics—from the pitfalls of modern life to magical moments and from narcissism to ice cream slices—is both an intellectual feast and a thought-provoking romp through the human condition. Both finger food for the mind and a feast for discussion with others, it is a thoroughly delightful read that just might make the reader want another helping.

Jerry Fabyanic’s writings are reflective, engaging, and desperately needed in a world that is moving away from personal connection and independent thought.

– Dr. Jason C. Steinle, Author of Upload Experience

Fabyanic picks up where Brené Brown left off, exploring our life’s journey through thought experiments that drag us consciously down the rabbit hole with him.

– Steven Craig, Author of Waiting for Today 

With Fabyanic’s gentle, conversant style, these brief essays become rhetorical origami: neatly crafted philosophical creations where simplicity meets beauty.

– Sandra S. McRae, Author of all the way to just about there and The Magic Rectangle

UPDATE: Now available in Print & Ebook.

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