Food For Thought

The Food for Thought: Essays on Mind and Spirit Collection is a compendium of writings that explore themes and topics from lighthearted and humorous to emotionally laden. Many are drawn from life lessons and experiences. They are ones most people can relate to regardless of their race, gender, personal social/political ideology, religious beliefs, or spiritual leanings. Like having that last conversation with a loved one who’s death is imminent. Or having conversations with those you strongly disagree with politically or with family members on topics that are very personal and sensitive. Or anxiety, absurdity, and loneliness. Or finding and making the joy and magic in life and enjoying chocolate or your favorite pie.

The layout complements the essay themes. Though the purpose of the themes and topics is to provoke thought, the books are designed for casual reading. Most essays’ lengths range between 600 and 800 words, although a few extend beyond that out of necessity. The font size and style make for easy reading for most, and the cream-colored pages convey a warmth that invites the reader to cozy up. The books are a compact 5” x 7” so take up little space on the coffee table. The size is also what I call clutchable both for reading comfort and for toting. They can be easily stuffed in a bag or pack to enjoy during down time while taking a flight or hiking a favorite trail.

You can read more about Volume One and Volume Two by going to their pages. Volume Three is anticipated for the Fall 2023.

Food for Thought: Essays on Mind and Spirit, Volume I

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Food for Thought: Essays on Mind and Spirit, Volume II

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