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Hai CLASS ku: Classroom Warmups

A fun homeschooling tool! A full semester’s worth of daily Language Arts activities!Educators, use this workbook for warm-ups, full class assignments, homework, and substitute/guest teacher days in English classes, math classes, art classes, or any classes in which you might use writing and numbers and art to support cross-curricular learning and instruction. Discover the creativity this haiku starter journal will unleash in your students! In this semester-length workbook, students will explore their emotional responses as they complete unique poems with first line prompts provided on each page and space to include a sketch and reflect on their inspiration. The first line of 5 syllables is provided to inspire a thought or memory. Students will complete the haiku on the next two lines with 7 syllables on the middle line and 5 syllables on the last line. There’s no need to consider rhyme at all. Some of the starters are quite silly, but some may take students to poignant places. No need to worry about punctuation or making each line a complete sentence; the whole poem might be a single seventeen-syllable sentence. If a student’s last line surprises them, they’ve captured a more complex essence of haiku! But you don’t have to be a student or teacher to enjoy this workbook! If you like crossword puzzle books or Sudoku books, add this haiku starter book to your list. Keep one handy in your vehicle, backpack, purse, bathroom . . . so it’s available anytime you might want to get your mind off of, well, anything! Once you get the swing of creating haiku poems, you’ll want to check out “Haikus Can Amuse! 366 Haiku Starters” for an entire Leap Year’s worth of haiku starter prompts! Haikus can amuse / Discipline your chatterbox / Express succinctly!

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