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How Dark the Light Shines

The third book of the Chronicles of the Secret Prince trilogy.

About the Book: Long before Deston was born, the gods chose him to be the match that drives the darkness from the planet. But he has no desire to be a hero. All he wants is to fit in and live happily-ever-after with his parents and Margaux. There’s one problem with that dream, though—it can’t happen as long as Grossard has the Shard of Erebus.

For months Deston tries hiding out in the Great Bear Rainforest, denying who he is, but it eventually becomes obvious that no place will ever be far enough away for him to escape his destiny. When he is finally forced into realizing his delays are only putting his loved ones in greater danger, he pushes aside his own wishes and accepts the mantle the gods have laid out for him; for he has a human side he can draw on to kill Grossard. No other fae has that.

This is Deston’s last epic journey—the final showdown between light and dark, good and evil, and he knows the risks are high. But what he doesn’t know is that even if he wins, it could very well cost him the very thing he wants most in the world—to become a real fae.

About the Author: MJ Bell’s love of reading and everything magical is what motived her to jump headfirst into a writing career. Little did she know that only a few years later she would be an award-winning author (Gold award from Mom’s Choice Awards), and have five books published, with more on the way.

Though MJ grew up in Iowa, her home is now Colorado, where she lives with her husband and dog, Tallie. Her family is a source of pride and joy to her, as well as a great source of inspiration, which she uses to bring a little more magic into the world.  

She loves to hear from readers through her FB page at MJ Bell Author or on her website:

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