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Learning to Breathe, Learning to Live. Simple Tools to Relieve Stress and Invigorate Your Life

Learn more about good breath practice directly from Sharon Harvey Alexander and her work, Learning to Breathe, Learning to Live in her conversation with Writers Talk host Jerry Fabyanic.

About the Work: The new book Learning to Breathe, Learning to Live. Simple Tools to Relieve Stress and Invigorate Your Life is a guide book to the Inner Realms. Full of powerful, accessible and readily available tools to help one minimize the effects of stress in their life, it may be used to guide the reader to the source of joy and calm always available within them.

In the book, you will find six stand-alone breathing exercises and two guided visualizations. Each tool is designed to relax and refocus mind and body. Together, they offer support to the reader so that she or he may gracefully navigate even the most tumultuous times.

While it may seem counter-intuitive that we need to learn to breathe, when you spend time with the material in this book, you will feel better in body, mind,  heart, and soul and be able to bring your best self into all you do, offering more of who you truly are to those around you.

Sharing wisdom from ancient traditions as well as modern neuroscience, the author writes in a style that is inviting, easy to understand, and accessible to all. The material in the book will benefit those looking for a simple, accessible, and low cost way to manage daily stress, alleviate physical pain, calm anxiety and overwhelm, and elevate joy.

About the Author: Sharon Harvey Alexander is a Certified Stress Management Educator and Professional Yoga Therapist with private practice in Boulder, CO. For close to three decades, Sharon has been exploring the role that breath awareness plays in fostering good health and promoting overall wellness. It has been paramount to her success as a business owner, wife and mother, community member and she even attributes her successful summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa to her personal practice of the techniques found in the book Learning to Breathe, Learning to Live. Simple Tools to Relieve Stress and Invigorate Your Life.

Through her sensitive and compassionate guidance her clients feel better, work better, live better and love more strongly than they did before they began working with her. Sharon is available to talk from her book with groups large and small, and may be contacted by email to set up a personal breathing consultation, movement assessment or mindfulness coaching program.


“As a first line healthcare provider working in a busy Urgent Care department, I routinely care for patients with high stress and anxiety levels who are desperate for relief. The best medicine is deep breathing. Learn to do that by reading this book.” – Claudia Williams, Physician’s Assistant, Longmont United Hospital

“The solutions to life’s challenges are utterly simple, obvious, undeniable, and accessible. Yet we miss them, distracted by the demands and drama of work, relationships, illness, hobbies, ego, and emotions. Learning to Breathe, Learning to Live is a gift to help reduce stress and bring focus back to the Self, wherein lie the answers we seek. I owe Sharon a big thank you for a book that helped bring me back in tune with the answers within me.” – Steve Bauhs, Renewable Energy Aficionado and Yoga Neophyte

Learn more about Learning to Breathe, Learning to Live. Simple Tools to Relieve Stress and Invigorate Your Life on Sharon’s Book Website

For more information, visit Mountain Wisdom Holistic Health

To invite Sharon to speak to your group, offer a workshop, or to find out how to work individually with her, contact her via email @ mountainsmiles@msn.com

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