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Mars Madness

About the Book: It would only take a dream and twenty billion dollars to create a resort on Mars. But at a million dollars a ticket, it was a luxury that only the .01% could afford.

Until the Mars Madness Lottery.

For the price of a fifty-dollar lottery ticket, even burger flipping Joes and Janes could have a shot at a Mars adventure. Even hyper-organizational, germophobic, scaredy cat, fussy pants Katrina McKenna, who only bought a ticket at her daughter Frankie’s insistence.

With the addition of one ex-husband, two new flames, a love-sick robotic maid, a ten-year-old cybersecurity whiz, a reclusive scientist and his genetically modified horses on a Mars transport four football fields in length with all the amenities of a cruise ship—plus a labyrinth—madness is just to be expected.

About Jodi Bowersox: Jodi has never liked being put in a box. Over the course of her life, she has been an actress, seamstress, designer, business owner, home-school teacher, kid’s choir director, and artist, so it’s only natural that her writing would take on an eclectic flare as well.

Her romance novels span genres from faith fiction to suspense to time travel to sci fi with small town and big city settings. In addition, she has children’s picture books to her credit, a book of stage productions, and a non-fiction Bible commentary.

As an award-winning watercolor artist, Jodi specializes in pet portraits, and as a seamstress, she creates women’s vests out of men’s ties. You can view all her creative endeavors, as well as read samples of her books at

Jodi lives in the heart of Colorado Springs with her husband and too many cats where they never get tired of looking at the mountain views.

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