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This novel may help you appreciate the benefits of homeschooling during this time of global pandemic.Written with love, humor, compassion and exasperation, “Miss?”—a contemporary novel based on actual events—exposes the failure of our current public education system. McHargue presents an insider’s view of the issues that teachers in schools across the nation are too afraid to discuss openly for fear of recrimination, and provides a glimpse of the challenges facing today’s students.

Maggie McCauley—a feisty young Army veteran—believes her new life as a 7th grade English teacher will be a breeze. She finds out quickly how wrong she is through out-of-touch school administrators and an inappropriate security guard who ultimately resorts to violence. Despite daily challenges to her authority, however, Maggie finds ways to reach her struggling students, and must ultimately make painful decisions about her future.
McHargue provides an editorial essay at the end of this edition with suggestions for how public schools can improve the teaching and learning environments in their schools.

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