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Craig Kaley, author of Money Athletics: Your Game Plan to a Financially Fit Tween

About the Work: Money Athletics offers a flexible and modern-day game plan, helping parents guide their tweens to become financially savvy.  With Money Athletics, tweens will learn important money-related life skills, turning those behaviors into daily habits.

Using the proven system presented in Money Athletics, as a parent you will:

  • Guide your tweens to understand the basics of money management
  • Learn to be a coach to your tweens regarding money matters
  • Gain confidence that your tweens will act with better financial awareness
  • Have fun with your tweens as they discover a whole new world of financial freedom

Money Athletics is a parenting tool that goes beyond only teaching financial topics.  It provides opportunities for continuous practice.  With your guidance, your child will become a financially fit tween.

About the Author: Craig Kaley loves being a parent to his two sons and daughter, and like many parents he has a strong desire to leave a lasting legacy for them. One area he believes that legacy should be strong is around financial fitness. Because it was difficult to find a framework to help kids learns life skills around managing money, he decided to create it with the Money Athletics Program.

Craig earned a bachelor’s degree in engineering, and an MBA degree, which provided him a solid base of problem solving and financial skills. The biggest contributor to this program though is Craig’s role as a parent.

Today, Craig is a practicing information technology professional and is also a speaker, trainer and coach for the Money Athletics Program. His desire of leaving a legacy has expanded to help as many parents as he can to raise their kids into financially fit young adults.

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