Higher Living Reflections

My Thirteen Daily Practices

When looking back over my life’s course of events, it seems as if there was a pre-arranged master plan or road map that I was intended to follow in order to accomplish tasks and to learn lessons in this incarnation. That, or there has been a Cosmic conductor or guardian angel nudging me, poking and prompting when hesitant, to move forward.

I eschew coincidence and hold that powerful, life-altering events are synchronistic. One can learn that if he/she pays attention to the currents swirling around him or her.

That might be or can be true for you. Looking at your life’s trajectory and those of others, especially those whose lives have been short-circuited or devastated, ought to give you pause. It is the mystery of life…the Great Unfolding, as I like to call it.

In addition to the principle of synchronicity, there is nothing new under the sun in terms of wisdom is another maxim that holds power for me. Just as Star Wars is a modern-day retelling of The Odyssey so it is with the 13 Principles that follows.

Back story first: A friend sent me a list of seven principles for life that someone had sent him. It’s probable that that person had in turn had gotten them from another. The arrival of them, though, was timely for it was at a low point of my life, a time during which I was struggling to sort out stuff and find some answers.

I cannot recall which of my current 13 Principles were on that list but each resonated soundly. Rather than them being new ideas, I realized quickly they were reminders or restatements of principles I had already learned and accepted. But had not fully put into practice. So, they were reminders not only of prior learning but also of the idea knowing something is not good enough…One needs to put the learning into practice.

In time, the list grew, but I rounded it off to that nice lucky round number 13 at some point. It seemed a good solution to what promised to be an ever-growing list.

My intent here is to simply create the list. In subsequent postings, I shall write on each individually, but with the caveat that no one ought to read them and conclude they are the definitive explanations. Far from it, each person who studies and pays attention to what has happened and is happening in his/her life.

13 Principles

Accept reality.
Allow myself to be vulnerable.
Work to delete negative energies—anger, hatred, bitterness, envy—from my life.
Give up control by letting go of the outcome.
Visualize that which would bring true happiness to my life.
Note my worthiness to receive it.
Live to my higher self.
Be compassionate to others.
Be gentle with myself.
Speak my truth.
Act my truth.
Remain present.
Offer gratitude daily for blessings received and to come.

Below and on the Main Page, there are links to my essays that explore the wide range of subtopics that I call Higher Living Reflections. Please take time to read and reflect. And, if of a mind, comment. Thank you.

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  • Ian Brandt
    January 13, 2016 at 11:17 pm

    Hey uncle Jerry. Glad to see you have written a book 🙂 I’ll be sure to get a copy. But what is the book about

  • Steve Polansky
    October 28, 2017 at 8:10 pm

    My main Daily Practice is one an older wise man told me. “If you can not control it, don’t complain about it”. That has helped me get through many issues in my life. Many thanks to that wise man.

    • Jerry Fabyanic
      October 29, 2017 at 1:28 pm

      Would it be the bald, pointy-eared guy from Dagobah who spoke an eternal truth to Luke when he said he could not believe it, “That’s the reason you fail.”? Your welcome, nephew.