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Food for Thought: Essays on Mind and Spirit collection

  • Higher Living Reflections

    From Illusion to Delusion

    (Note: This essay includes and expands on ideas first presented in the essay, “Illusions,” that appears in Food for Thought: Essays on Mind and Spirit, Volume Two.) To make good decisions…

  • Higher Living Reflections

    Putting It into Perspective

    We’re a curious species, we Homo sapiens. Among the billion-plus species that have gone extinct and those with whom we now share Earth, some precariously close to extinction, we’re the only…

  • Higher Living Reflections

    The Meaning of Life

    I enjoy watching Valley of the Dolls, a movie based on the novel by Jaqueline Susann. The flick, in my estimation, is a bit campy, but I find the storyline and…

  • Higher Living Reflections

    The Lion’s Den

    Could you walk away from all you have known to live the life you were meant to live? Remaining a priest is just one of the decisions Father Daniel Patrick Murphy…