Earthwise: Thinking Liberally, Locally to Globally

There’s a myth, which like all myths just might be based in reality, that during a strike at the NY Times the great 20th-century columnist wrote in frustration “How do I know what I’m thinking if I’m not writing.” That statement effectively captures the reason that after 14 years I continue to faithfully crank out weekly articles for the Clear Creek Courant. While I write from a pragmatic progressive point of view and focus primarily on local and more global social and political issues, on occasion I like going off the reservation and delve into more spiritual and philosophical topics.

I began writing for the Courant in 2003 after seeing a note from the editor seeking local writers. “Well,” I thought, “I can write and have taught various writing forms when in the classroom, so why not?” Without any formal training—which is my modus operandi—I jumped into the fray and immediately found it takes far more than a developed writing skill set to make it: A columnist had better develop an alligator hide. Being opposed to War on Iraq in 2003 was far from popular and stating that unequivocally invited a personal version of shock and awe. Unlike Iraq though, I’ve withstood the assault, toughened, and learned.

I began to read, listen to, and learn from the masters, the great columnists of our time—Eugene Robinson, Kathleen Parker, and David Brooks comprise my trinity. And it is my goal to continue to learn in the pursuit of becoming a great writer.