Rabbit Hole

I never think when I am doing my radio show that there is the possibility, even likelihood, someone somewhere in Greece, India, Mozambique, or New Zealand is listening. It is the power of the Internet, the Great Equalizer. Once a station is streaming on the Internet, it doesn’t matter whether it transmits with a 2,000 or a 50,000-watt signal.

When reflecting on that fact, I am truly humbled and grateful. And I am also cognizant of my responsibility to put forth informative, engaging, and entertaining programming.

When opening my show, I call Clear Creek County, Colorado the center of the universe. I have taken that concept from Black Elk who believed Harney Peak, the highest point in South Dakota, was the center. But then he qualified that by saying that wherever one is that is the center of the universe for him or her.

I call my show the Rabbit Hole because my goal is to go deep into a topic, to follow the twists and turns of the warren to where the conversation might lead even if it means going out the back door of Plato’s cave, sliding down a rabbit hole, and traversing through Dante’s circles of hell.

The Rabbit Hole has three segments or features–Writers Talk, Mythic Realm, and Thinking Liberally–which you can read more about on those pages.

I invite you to tune in to KYGT-FM, the Goat, at clearcreekradio.com and listen in to The Rabbit Hole on alternate Saturdays 2:00-4:00 as well as to the wide range of programming brought to you as a labor of love by an all-volunteer staff.

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Writers Talk is a platform for Colorado writers to come to the KYGT studio in Idaho Springs, CO for a live one-hour conversation about their writing, works, and self. The conversation is recorded and uploaded to both mine and the radio’s websites. Call-ins can be an option, but on-site talk is best to produce the highest quality conversation.

If you are interested in being a guest on the Rabbit Hole, please fill out the info below and I’ll be in touch soon.

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