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Rhys Llewellyn, author of Neptune’s Treasure, Sunrise at San Attarium, and Letters of Henry Fulton Griffin

Listen to Rhys Llewellyn, modern-day James Thurber pun his way describing the secret life of Bob Inwater, the hapless protagonist of Sunrise at San Attarium, a 21st-century Walter Mitty.

About the Book: Thurber’s Walter Mitty is on steroids in this, the first of a satirical trilogy by the author. Bob Inwater, the hapless protagonist, takes the advice of his therapist and, together with his wife Harriet, move from their home in Vermont to a paradise island off the coast of Venezuela,hoping to remedy his disruptive daydreaming. Bob faces bizarre situations and eccentric characters that challenge both his resolve and his sanity. Truly, an off-the-wall, comedic journey!

About the Author: Rhys Llewellyn was born in Washington, D.C and lived in Falls Church, Virginia during his formative years. He received a B.A. degree from the College of William & Mary and did graduate study at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. After a decade of fighting DC traffic, commuting to various lackluster federal government jobs, in 1975, he, along with his wife and three young children, traveled westward, in a covered Wagoneer, to Colorado, where he served out the remaining 25 years of his federal sentence, as a statistician with the Department of Labor. Following his release, he developed an allergy to snow; he and his wife were compelled to spend winters in Sanibel, Florida for the following 16 years, until driven out by malnourished alligators. Now, full-time in Colorado, he’s promised to put down his snow shovel, take off his mittens and crank out additional tomes. The whereabouts of his children is often unknown.

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