Sisyphyus Series

Sisyphus Book Series

Jonathan Slovanco and Father Daniel Patrick Murphy, due to their sexual orientation, struggle to obliterate the rocks they’ve been condemned to push up a hill. In Sisyphus Wins, Jonathan, having been raised as a traditional Catholic, faces the challenge of coming to self-acceptance and living openly as a gay man. In The Lion’s Den, Daniel, now in his later years, is conflicted with not only whether to stay in his relationship with Jonathan but also whether he should remain a priest. Two gay men, who love each other to the depths of their souls, are confronted with both resolving their inner conflicts and salvaging or redefining their decades-long relationship in a culture fundamentally hostile to them.

Of all the Greek myths, the story of Sisyphus has resonated most with me. The reason is that Sisyphus is fully human. He aspires to do great things but detests the limitations that constrain him from living life fully. Sisyphus’s perspective and philosophy of life are reflected in my heroes. In their quest to find their true selves so they can live their lives fully and authentically, they toil to free themselves from their Sisyphean rock. Unlike Sisyphus, they succeed, but their pursuit comes with great costs.

Sisyphus Wins (Sisyphus, Book 1)

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The Lion’s Den (Sisyphus, Book 2)

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