Mythic Realm

Lapsed and recovering are two terms frequently used to describe former Catholics. I prefer not to personalize it but to simply say that I have entered the post-Catholic stage of my spiritual development. Post could be affixed as a prefix to any dogmatic religion—other Christian sects, Judaism, or Islam—to indicate the spiritual stage in which one realizes that dogma of any sort is antithetical to his/her progression. Dogma is exclusionary and, therefore, separating. True spiritualism is dependent upon one not only to accept that there is far more beyond our earthly ken and human experience but also to be inclusionary and open to others and their practices.

Joseph Campbell—read and learn more at the Joseph Campbell website: —espoused that philosophy. Campbell taught that it is crucial to move past the literalness of an act to its symbolism where its true power lies.

I neither claim to be any sort of spiritual guru nor do I have intention to be one, but I do honor my messenger archetype, symbolized by the Greek god Hermes, by exploring that realm vis-à-vis my columns and shows, several of which are linked here:

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