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The Thief and the Demon

About the Author: Roddy was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, found life in Glasgow, and transplanted to Denver CO, where he happily resides writing and celebrating his Scottish heritage and American identity. Roddy grew up playing snooker, shoots pool with more enthusiasm than skill, and has a tendency for telling smutty jokes.

Roddy writes fantasy because he loves to put words together in magical patterns that cause as much delight in others as putting them down did for me, to say something new in a genre dominated by tradition, and because the lure of the unknown is irresistible. And it is unknown until he pins it down with words and even after, which is what makes it so damn unknown, and so irresistible. And for bookoo more reasons.

About the Work: Bargain with a wizard, or wrestle a lion? Wrestle the lion, my child, for then you have a chance at life. A wizard’s bargain is death.” Fistmar was living the good life, a successful thief in the glittering city of Aranvail. Then he got cocky. Now everyone wants him dead. His old Guildmaster, enraged over a theft too far. The duke who believes Fistmar killed his son. The demon he became bound to by opening a spell-shrouded door. Who framed him for the prince’s murder? And who would want to set the demon free? Fistmar desperately searches for answers, and allies, to help him escape his fate. But no matter how far he runs, the demon is drawn ever closer by their bond, a curse Fistmar does not know how to break. Wizards offer help, at a price, but can Fistmar risk making a wizard’s bargain? Welcome to a new world of epic fantasy adventure. Welcome to the World Belt.


“In this striking debut, author Macdonald breaks from the epic-fantasy herd with electric prose and a true sense of the cinematic … An adventure of eye-opening cleverness.” — Kirkus Reviews

“real romp of a novel, a breakneck, breathless pursuit through a highly-detailed world permeated throughout with the consequences of the reality of magic.” – Amazon

“careening romp though the World Belt.” – Amazon

“a great story of the underdog fighting a band of wizards to save himself from this unimaginable demon who is so scary it makes you want to take a flashlight to bed.” – Goodreads

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