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Waterwight Breathe

Book III is the last book in the Waterwight series. Perfect for homeschooling, this Language Arts series is entertaining and engaging for readers in middle through high school. Educators will find helpful questions for discussion and synonym glossaries in the back of each book for designing lessons on the following topics: – Coming of age- The Hero’s Journey- Communication skills- Symbolism and themes- Human nature- Vocabulary development- Foreshadowing- The environment- Good versus Evil- Mystery- Mythology.

After Celeste regains consciousness in a mysterious cave, she discovers powerful new abilities—skills she will need for the challenges that continue to demand her attention. This time, the gods are in trouble, and Celeste must decide how, or if, she will help them. With insane scientists plotting to subjugate her village, she and her friends rally for a final confrontation that will change everything.

“…Imaginative characters that powerfully tap into myth.” – Kirkus Reviews on Waterwight Flux

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