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Waterwight Flux

Waterwight Flux begins where Book I ends, with Celeste transformed and on her way to an ethereal world in the heavens, home of Odin, god of the sky. There she learns many things about the planet, its survivors, and the lonesome god.

Although she is more than ready to return to Nick in the village, a mysterious newcomer tells her she still has much to learn. And learn, she does, in the realm of the sea god Kumugwe.
Join her as she continues her quest to find home . . . and answers.

Book II of the Waterwight Trilogy! Perfect for homeschooling, this Language Arts series is entertaining and engaging for readers in middle through high school. Educators will find helpful questions for discussion and synonym glossaries in the back of each book for designing lessons on the following topics: – Coming of age- The Hero’s Journey- Communication skills- Symbolism and themes- Human nature- Vocabulary development- Foreshadowing- The environment- Good versus Evil- Mystery- Mythology- Celeste is confident she has cured the chaos in a world shattered by The Event.

  • Sharon and her misshapen sister discover their nefarious parents are still alive.
  • Nick and the villagers must defend themselves in an altered world—a world in which everything is in flux.
  • And jealous ancient gods have selfish ideas about how they’ll use the girl who stopped the ooze.
    Lured away from curious creatures and hopeful new friends in this perplexing world, Celeste’s fight to preserve her life—and her fragile identity—has just begun. But can she succeed on her own?

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