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Karyn Ingrid Estela, author of Waves and Frequencies

Karyn Estela talks about her work Waves and Frequencies, sci-fi fantasy novel, that explores the universe of Goddesses and Gods, Immortals, and Magical Beings with Writers Talk host Jerry Fabyanic.

About the Work: Have you ever thought about the effect that vibrations have upon you; particularly sound and light frequencies? How about tonal intervals, both melodic and harmonic? Does color effect your sense of being? Do you remember feeling good, bad or indifferent when meeting someone for the first time?

Karyn has woven these questions and possible answers into her first science fiction/fantasy novella: Waves and Frequencies. Enter a world of five galaxies filled with mortal and immortal beings, from present day and ancient myths, folk tales and legends. An average day in their lives involves acoustic archaeology, geometric rhythms, sound frequencies, light waves and of course some bad guys. Travel through gateways of multi-dimensional time and space.(Enjoy!

About the Author: My professional path has been quite colorful. I have woven and keep weaving creativity into my on-going quilt of careers. I am now retired from teaching, having taught the disciplines of Art, Music, Theatre and ESL for public, private and international schools in Colorado and Germany. I have been a pianist for ballet schools, draftsman for oil and civil engineers, (before there was CAD), volunteer docent/artifact researcher for the Educational Department of the Denver Art Museum, and horse trainer/equestrian instructor.
I will continue to evolve as an author of science fiction fantasy books based upon multi-cultural myths, folk tales, legends and history. In addition, I will enjoy riding and training horses, creating acrylic paintings, playing piano, riding with Harald Horchreder, my Life-Partner, as his passenger on his motorcycle and pursuing our creative endeavors together at home in Colorado and around the world.

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