1 June 2016: This is Clear Creek’s moment to shine

During my May 23 KYGT show, District Attorney Bruce Brown discussed an initiative he calls Vets Connect. The program is for vets caught up in the court system of the Fifth Judicial District for one reason or another. Shortly after going off air, a listener called and asked to talk to Brown. Long story short, the connection was exactly what the new program is intended. Had not Brown come on the radio and had not the gentleman been listening, something good probably would not have happened.

In the hour preceding Brown, John Bryan, Clear Creek County spokesperson, talked about the potential Health Service District. In that context, I brought in mental health services as an essential and immediate need for the county. When Brown talked about his Vets Connect, I connected them all. Both shows, by the way, are available on the KYGT website: www.kygt.org.

Later, I attended a fundraiser hosted by Mary Jane Loevlie at the Argo to raise dollars needed to move the KYGT—the Goat—studio, likely to that site. A couple hundred guests, many not from Clear Creek, attended and opened up their wallets. To say it was heartening is to say the least. Much gratitude to all who did.

Afterwards, while gazing down at the KYGT cabin as I walked to my car, the profundity of what happened, from my conversations with Bryan and Brown to the gala, necessary because of looming eviction date—March 1, 2017—set in. Moving past melancholy and the flood of memories of broadcasting from that cabin for years, I realized the enormity of vital role KYGT has played and needs to continue to play in the Clear Creek community.

From its undercover, clandestine, comic origins to its current cosmic status, being heard in over 80 different countries, the Goat’s story is legendary. And yet, if we cannot raise the necessary funding, it could be lights out.

But I believe the Goat’s future history remains unwritten because its trajectory in its next generation is infinite in possibilities. First, while the station has become over the years more ingrained as Clear Creek’s one radio resource, there’s far more to be done to make it part of every Clear Creek’s resident daily listen-to, to stitch it even more tightly into the fabric of the Clear Creek community.

Second, KYGT has become more than the voice of the Clear Creek Valley. It’s quirky, off-beat style is becoming the image of the County. We’re not Denver metro. We’re neither Summit nor Vail with a glitzy, posh, and cutesy façade. We’re not Gilpin, a satellite county in orbit around its powerhouse casinos. We’re Clear Creek, eclectic and quirky, down-home but not homespun, fun and real, an evolving community with deep roots to its mining, hard-rock heritage. And that tenacious energy spirit is that which moves us forward.

Let’s operate from this point forward on the fact that Henderson is played out. Done and gone. We can wring our hands and bemoan our fate, or we could say this is Clear Creek’s moment. We will no longer be tied with an umbilical cord to the mine for funding. We’ll no longer be an economic one-horse town, like Summit, Vail, and Gilpin. We’ll be needing to stand on our own, atop a mountain teeming with potentials and possibilities.

Part of that future is the need for a 21st-century health care facility. It’s paramount, for all the right reasons. In front of us is a proposal to create a health service district to do just that. The proposed Health Service District would build and maintain a clinic in Idaho Springs as well as bring the ambulance services under its wing.

According to the county’s website, “The community health facility will provide essential health services such as primary care, urgent care, workers’ compensation treatment, x-ray services, physicals, immunizations, and prenatal care. The proposed HSD also will support a collaborative and holistic approach to individual health by leasing space at the health facility to other health and social services agencies.”

The proposal is the result of studies and thoughtful collaborative efforts among the network of stakeholders and worthy of fuller consideration. But it cannot move forward for final consideration without your immediate support vis-à-vis signatures to put it on the November ballot. Please read more on the county’s website: http://www.co.clear-creek.co.us/index.aspx

You can support your community’s future growth. Sign for the HSD and donate to KYGT through its website.

KYGT and HSD. Both vital for a viable 21st-century Clear Creek.

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