29 May 2013: Congress, public to blame for IRS scandal

Congress, public to blame for IRS scandal

I love ironies, especially double ones.  Yes, yes, the IRS improperly red-flagged Tea Party applications for non-profit status, but it is delicious to watch righties now screaming victimhood in the process, given—get this—their activities are not political but fall, instead, under the umbrella of the IRS definition of “social-welfare.”

Really, social welfare?  Aren’t the phrase and the words themselves anathema to the right?  I have yet to hear a rightie not gag when reciting the Preamble line, “promote the general welfare.”  Apparently social welfare is what they are now into along with living for some off food stamps and the elderly among them have secured their Medicare and Social Security benefits.

Funny, I was told only those of us on the left see themselves as victims, sensitive about being singled out, but I guess political affiliation, a matter of choice, is different than being non-white, non-hetero, or not native-born.  Still, perhaps a white, middle- to upper-income Tea Party member can identify with the plight of a Haitian black lesbian.

OK…I’ve gotten in my jabs, so for the record, I am more than offended by decisions of IRS agents.  I am outraged.  I’m coining a new term for it: Nixonian Democracy under which it falls.  I think you get it: “secret plan to end the war in Vietnam,” Watergate, et al.

Further, to seize records of reporters?  That would be as dastardly as government spies being able to look at citizens’ private emails and financial data simply because someone might think they’re covertly supporting the Slovak Liberation Front.  Oh, that is already the case?  That’s right…it’s called the Patriot Act, passed under Republican George Bush and perpetuated by Democrat Barak Obama.

Speak not of liberty, man.  It’s all part of keeping us living in fear.

Granted that Obama has started no new wars and he did something Bush was indifferent about—getting Osama bin Laden—but, nonetheless, it’s all part of a pattern.  When it comes to foreign policy, power, and war, the essential difference between Republicans and Democrats: Republicans play offensive to prove they’re Rambo he-men; Democrats play defensive to prove they’re not wusses.

Abuse of power, even before Nixon, has been legion, and I won’t bother going back to historical truths such as corporations using national guards as goon squads to break the heads of striking workers and their wives and children.  Collateral damage, they’d call it now.

Like Bush, President Johnson lied to get his way in Vietnam.  The ostensible attack on our ships in the Gulf of Tonkin never happened.

The conservative demi-god Ronald Reagan broke the law by selling arms to the Ayatollah Khomeini, who had seen fit to hold 52 Americans hostage during the Jimmy Carter presidency.  It’s fun to watch conservatives dance all around Iran-Contra and avoid pointing out Reagan was either in charge of the affair or an unwitting stooge of Col. Oliver North and his henchmen.  If they were intellectually honest, they would be calling for his post-mortem impeachment.

George W. Bush should be tried for war crimes.  So should Dick Cheney.  They sent 5,000 Americans to their deaths and tens of thousands of Iraqis.  For what purpose?  It sure wasn’t to protect American liberty.  In fact, Americans liberty suffered greatly because of that naked act of aggression.  And still is suffering.  Did I mention the Patriot Act?

Through the use of drones, Obama has ordered the deaths of four American citizens—four times as many as Bush—suspected of being terrorists.  The President—Bush, Obama, and beyond—is now accuser, judge, and executioner.

Rule of law?  Justice?

In his political defense, Obama would be pilloried regardless.  That’s our political culture.  Perhaps though, Gov. Hickenlooper could issue him a temporary reprieve.

It’s damn tough trying to be a muscular liberal, but back to the business at hand:  Congress needs to get the IRS out of the business of value-laden leftwing and rightwing social engineering—reference Newt Gingrich’s observation—by eliminating deductions/write-offs for any type of so-called non-profit, religious or secular, because there is no such thing as a non-profit.

Any enterprise from Microsoft to the Catholic Church and the Red Cross is not sustainable unless its income exceeds its outgo.

While their decisions were dastardly, IRS agents have been put, nonetheless, in a no-win situation.   So despite my outrage, I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and direct the outrage to where it truly lies: at Congress and us, dear citizens, for allowing it to happen.

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