31 March 2010: Ode to Health Care Reform

Ode to passage of health care reform

Listen, my readers, and you shall hear of a Tea Party activist most revered. His name was Saul, broad and tall, round in the middle, liking to dance and also to fiddle.

“My story began with your man Obama who’s brought nothing more than trouble and trauma.”

Wondering why he’d despise such a guy, I glared straight into his flaring eye. “It’s the fault of Iraq,” I said with a crack, “for that’s where we went really off track.”

“Hardly at all, it’s not a close call. That was for freedom, and, though we found none, Saddam’s mighty arsenal could’ve us undone.”

“It’s cost us trillions in bombs and tanks, say nothing at all of the bailout for banks.”

“The second part’s true,” then petted his setter, “and I’ll give you your due, but their going under would’ve been better. Though his mind’s of mush, I got it from Rush as well as from Beck, who’s shy of a deck, missing an ace, but it ain’t about race!”

“Now that you brought up our Prez Barack, would you be so angry if he weren’t so black? I notice your crowd all lily and white, and all those among you itching to fight.”

“The guns are for show, you really should know. We’re perfectly harmless, unless as you might guess. It’s the fault of you lib’rals, known as progressives, doing all you can to stomp and regress us.”

“I think you’re confused about the right of redress,” and thought he would burst when he learned it’s in the First. “Your right to free speech is also a peach, so no need to beckon and go to the Second. The right to bear arms does have its limits; that’s the reason for backgrounds and permits.”

He shook all over from his head to his belly when I noticed his breath just a tad smelly. Sensing some booze affecting his thinking, I asked with derision, “What were you drinking?”

“It’s brew from the Rockies but not sissy lite. I like something bold with a whole lot of bite!”

‘Fore calling me a jerk ‘cause of my smirk, I asked of his wife and mother and brother.

“That’s most kind, my fam’s doing fine. Except for my sister, or actually her mister, who lost his job and is covered with blister. He won’t see the doc and says he’s OK, more worried about her and the bills to pay.”

“I see what you mean; it is quite a load, and a rough road to haul when life is no ball with nasty curves and hard-blastin’ serves. It’s often unfair and usually a bear, the way it goes with our health care woes.

“I don’t ask you to like him and all he has done, but only look closely at this whole run. It’s not about him or cats that are fat, but about you and other hard-working rats. The health boat was sinking, it was reeking and stinking, but the captain so bold finally took hold and urged us to fight or be lost in the night.

“Instead of to sink, the crew rallied ‘round, started to pull and got us to ground. The pirates were ugly, they assaulted broadsidely, yelling the end of our great ship of state. And when it was clover, they didn’t roll over. They threw rocks and threatened, leaving mean messages in rages of hate.

“But the law is for you, good man and true, for your struggling sister and her sadly sick mister. Am sure they’ve worked hard all through their life, and don’t deserve this blind-sided strife. It’s the system that’s bad, with insurers a cad, acting like sluts to get unearned cuts.

“We’ll not likely agree on more issues of weight, but when it comes to health, there’s no room for hate.”

“I was on the road to farms near and wide, to spread the alarm to our broad countryside, but come to realize what I said is a lie. So am changing my name for having that gall: am no longer Saul, only called Paul. No Glenn for me and FOX is kaput. From now on, I’ll be a wise and straight shoot.

“It’s a new game, and though your poetry’s lame, you’re a real smart feller, and those saying less are nothing but yeller.”

“Then how ‘bout stout ale from ol’ Tommyknocker and a pizza to go from Chip at Beau Jo?”

So through the night, we drank a good cheer and hailed the chief over real beer. And Paul who was Saul rides on spreading the news: We’re finally moving past our sad health care blues.

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