8 June 2011: Column ideas that won’t be written

Column ideas that won’t written

Every once in an occasion I encounter kryptonite for writers: writer’s block.

It comes in fits and starts blindsiding the writer at unexpected and worst of times. Ironically, it tends to come on the heels of a stretch in which topical ideas populate like communities with plural marriages.

But in my case, like the snowflakes that blew in Memorial Day afternoon, they’ve melted away leaving little evidence of their existence.

I have a few notes pages on topics that once seemed of interest, pressing, and timely, such as a commentary on potential Republican presidential candidates, but then I wonder about the absurdity of poking fun at something that is innately amusing.

After all, how can one improve upon Beauty or Good in Plato’s world?

Ed Quillen’s column in the Denver Post on the overabundance of Colorado counties—so why create more?—suggested a piece on Clear Creek.

Ed notes the nonsensical borders of several Colorado counties that might’ve made sense in 1876 when we achieved statehood. For example, folks in Basalt located in Eagle County need to go through Glenwood Springs the seat of Garfield County to get to Eagle to take care of business.

Ed didn’t include Clear Creek among his examples, about how those living near King Murphy Elementary need to leave the county and drive through Jefferson to get to their middle and high schools or to Georgetown, which, sitting at the county’s western end, serves as our seat, which is fantastic for us Georgetowners, and gosh knows we need it here for a plethora of reasons, but a major pain in the glutes for our neighbors when they need to renew their vehicle tags, pay their taxes, sit on a jury, or attend a commissioners’ meeting to learn how affairs affecting the county’s hinterlands are being dispensed.

Ed’s column also resurrected an idea for a tongue-in-cheek piece about how Clear Creek might be better off if the borders were redrawn so that Floyd Hill would be free to secede and then annexed by Jefferson County where residents would feel much more at home with fellow more kindred spirits.

But then, CCC would be lesser not only for the loss of that tax base, which could lead into a discussion about the financial advantages and disadvantages of such a move, but also for the depletion of diversity that results when east meets west.

Without our east end CCC politics would be reduced to a power struggle between Georgetown and Idaho Springs, which, if it were the county seat, would make sense given its size and location, with Downieville, Lawson, and Dumont caught in the crossfire with occasional forays by Empire, Fall River, and Silver Plume into the fray.

But then the internecine warfare between Georgetown Community School and Carlson Elementary would really get interesting.

Speaking of education, Floyd Hill in Jeffco would also solve the problem of the high school being located, much as Georgetown serving as county seat, in an inconvenient location.

Give it to Jeffco School District, along with the remaining tab, and go back to the concrete, light-deprived warehouse that used to house, incarcerate, the youth of community, which makes far more educational sense.

It’s all fun to think about but not worthy of a column that would just fire up people and get them in a tizzy over something that will never happen, something I would, of course, never considering doing.

Such as it is when the creative juices and energies decide to go for a leisurely stroll because our version of summer seems to have finally arrived.

Our community farmers, in an act of defiance of our altitudinal and latitudinal location, are tilling soil and planting squash and beets at the community garden in Idaho Springs while floral gardeners try to bring some color to our three-month, June-through-August winter interlude by planting petunias, begonias, and various other non-native posies in the hope that Ma Nature doesn’t plop in a below-freezing spell that would spell the death of those less-than-hardy imposers.

Ed says redrawing our counties’ borders “would be expensive, time-consuming, and fraught with controversy.”

Perhaps, but I hope it doesn’t happen while I live here because if CCC would be dissected, the party would become incredibly dull.

The snows of May are melting, and with that the f—-ing begins. The sun is shining brightly, for now, and the winds seemed to have calmed.

The dry period will be upon us quickly though raising concerns for forest fires at which time we’ll be pining for moisture, although not in the form of snow—yet.

In less than two weeks will be the Solstice at which time days will begin to shorten.

So much to do in so little time.

Let’s celebrate it. Together.

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