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  • 2017

    16 August 2017: Time to upset the apple cart

    NIMBY: Not in My Backyard. What had been an acronym Merriam-Webster has ordained a word meaning “opposition to the locating of something considered undesirable (such as a prison or incinerator) in…

  • 2017

    9 August 2017: Saving us from ourselves

    Washington Post columnist Kathleen Parker asks pointed, timely questions: “There are still plenty of deep thinkers out there, but who is listening? Who is reading?” Few, I reply. Parker references Adlai…

  • 2017

    2 August 2017: It’s time to say “no”

    Why they try to tear the mountains down to bring in a couple more / More people, more scars upon the land. – John Denver, “Rocky Mountain High” It’s a simple…

  • 2017

    26 July 2017: A Mount Bierstadt summit

    Let’s dub it the Mount Bierstadt Summit. “Summit” as in confluence of great forces inexorably leading to our demise, and “our” as in Earth as we know it and us, the…