How does one spell hypocrisy?

But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven. – Matt. 19:14 (KJV)

Nice sentiment, but sorry Big Guy, it’s not the way it is in the US of A. It’s more, “Let the little children suffer and forbid them to stay, for such is the America we’re making GREAT again.”

So, okay, the United States is not the kingdom of heaven on earth. Nor very Christian in practice. It never really was. Unless human bondage and ethnic cleansing have become part of the Christian canon.

I love Val Kilmer’s portrayal of Doc Holliday in “Tombstone,” especially the way he pronounces hypocrisy as “high-póc-ri-sy” with a twang. It resonates with today’s New Age Conservatism where hypocrisy runs waist deep. Or is it waste deep?

Texas, the Bootstrap State, was galloping to secession not that long ago, but has now gulped its pride and ponied up to the welfare trough. A herd of Stetsons with hat in hand on the dole. Ride ‘em, cowboy!

Texas is getting an initial 15-billion-dollar handout from the national treasury to begin bailing it out from the flood. You know the deluge second only to Noah’s. Curious they didn’t hit the Koch brothers or Sheldon Addelson up for a payday loan. Just wondering.

Maybe instead of big-Richie boats, they should have built arks. Of course, they’d be limited to two of each species. Ever see a Texas cockroach? Uffda!

Donald Trump wants to renegotiate NAFTA. Cool. As part of the deal, perhaps he could renegotiate the 1848 Treaty of Guadalupe in which Mexico ceded all claims to Texas. Ah, Señor Presidente Peña Nieto, we kinda have buyers’ remorse. Any way we can swap you Texas for, say, Baja California? Hear there’s great scuba and gnarly four-wheel terrain to tear up out there.

Like Texas, Florida has prided itself not only on its college football but also on its self-reliance and having NO STATE INCOME TAX. Now, Florida and a chunk of the old Confederacy is under water. Harvey then Irma. A one-two punch. Two Cat 5 hurricanes hitting the US back to back? In 1915, two Cat 4’s hit. ¿Donde está huracán José? ¡Caramba!

I know, I know. I’ve gotten my liberal friends beating the drum for civil discourse in a tizzy. I get it. It’s not easy being a bleeding-heart liberal. Frustrating as hell at times. But being a BHL doesn’t require one to suffer boundless hypocrisy.

Fixing the Water Woes of Beaumont TX and Flint MI? It’s white and black, or better said, white and people of color. More than ironic. Highpocrisy.

Bailing out people and communities impacted by Harvey v. those hit by Sandy? Flood-level highpocrisy.

Fifteen billion dollars. Chump change. Enough to build our Advanced Guideway System.

To be a New Age Conservative, it’s not requisite to grasp subtlety, irony, nuance, or satire. One’s a NAC because of his/her inability to appreciate such complex, higher-level mental gyrations. Burke-Buckley paleo-conservatism was tone-deaf, but New Age Conservatism compounds that with cognitive dissonance to the max.

The scenes in Texas, Florida, and across the Caribbean are tragic and heart-wrenching. Compassion and empathy, staples of a BHL’s conscience, are in order. The loss, pain, and suffering, though, also present teachable moments, opportunities for learning and understanding and for exposing political and social inconsistency:

The degree atmospheric and oceanic warming exacerbated the storms’ intensities and patterns.

Knee-jerk, anti-government libertarianism contributing to the mayhem by giving developers a blank check to build on flood-prone and other marginal areas.

The aforesaid victimizing people, especially the poor and working class, by putting them in harm’s way.

If government is the problem, why are Republican governors turning to it rather than the vaunted private sector?

Whatever happened to bootstraps?

How does one spell hypocrisy?

Climate change is real and impacting the world in increasingly destructive ways. Continued denial will lead to more intense havoc for generations. It’s time for deniers to pull their heads out of the sand or from wherever they have them stuffed so we can unite in a concerted fashion to address it. Just saying.

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