19 February 2014: Could Jeffco scenario happen in the Clear Creek School District?

Could Jeffco scenario happen in the CCSD?

“Off with her head!” cried the Queens of Hearts,” but instead of her head rolling as did John the Baptist’s for Salome, Superintendent Cindy Stevenson fell on her sword by resigning before the Jeffco Board of Education Threesome could fire her.

I wonder if in lieu of the Pledge of Allegiance before the blood-letting there was an invocation “asking the Lord for wisdom, grace and protection over these precious people of God.”

The war on public education is no longer a war of words; it has drawn blood.  Fascinatingly, it wasn’t a teacher’s, you know, like the boss of the pinko, commie-loving teacher’s union.  No, it was the Big One, one who in large part seemed to advocate for the same things her new bosses demanded: ACCOUNTABILITY!!!  The Big One was a superintendent, and a very well regarded one at that.

It seems, though, the good superintendent wasn’t pure enough.  In fact, she was so impure, she actually believed in a secular education for all students.  How is one to get the Truth of Creationism into the curriculum with likes of the god-less ones like Stevenson in charge?

In her Denver Post piece, columnist Alicia Caldwell who attended the execution writes, “[T]he only thing missing were the pitchforks.”  Pitchforks are for the teeming masses, my dear Alicia.  Executioners are skilled in the art of swift dispatch.

If it weren’t tragic, it would be farcical.  And the stooges who now hold sway over the Jefferson County Board of Education—Julie Williams, John Newkirk, Ken Witt—really believe they’re in charge.  And they are, as long as they do their earthly masters’ bidding.  Big Money not only talks, it also gets its way in 21st-century America.  The Roberts Supreme Court has decreed so.

It’s about privatizing public education.  Step by step.  School by school.  District by district.  Charter schools and vouchers are their tools.

The head of the superintendent of the state’s largest school district is no small potato.  Can any Colorado superintendent, including our own Todd Lancaster, feel safe?  Yes, Todd’s our hometown guy, Clear Creek born and raised.  But then, so was Jeffco Cindy’s hometown: born, raised, and professionally developed.  So it goes.

One reader commented that she is glad she lives in Clear Creek.  I caution about taking solace in that.  First, they took over Colorado Springs, next Dougco, and then Thompson Valley and Jeffco.  The tide is moving and threatens to envelop the entire state.  School board elections have traditionally been low on voters’ radars.  The putsch organizers know that and heretofore kept under the radar.

Will Jeffco be a bridge too far?  Time will tell.

To her credit, Caldwell has kept on eye on the doings in the state’s largest school district and given it press.  That has been a tremendous public service.  But, as I wrote last week, she and her fellow reformers, including the likes of former governors Bill Owens and Bill Ritter who still are operating in la-la land by training their guns on teachers, need to look beyond the smokescreen.

Caldwell is seemingly getting there.  In her column she writes, “Some in the blogosphere are trying to paint the Saturday display as retribution by a teachers union angry that its candidates lost in the school board elections.”

Great strategy:  Point the finger elsewhere to redirect the focus, in this case toward dastardly teachers.

The problem is there’s no evidence for that, only conspiracy theories for nut-cases.  As Caldwell reports, “Stevenson said she knew most of the people in the room and many were principals and community members.”  Hmm…administrators are the ones who hire, evaluate, and retain or fire teachers.  A bit incongruent, don’t you think?

Thus, “to dust this off as a reaction from a self-interested bunch is an effort to absolve the board of any blame for the tumult.”

As Caldwell makes clear, “the new majority will get what they want now, and perhaps that’s all that matters to them.”

It is.  Like the Jets with the Sharks in West Side Story, this crew did not put forth all the effort to get themselves installed to “make nice” with those who disagree or oppose them.  They mean business and the business of public education in Jeffco is spiraling downward.  Sad, but also ominous.

Can it happen here?  Is Clear Creek safe?

In this atmosphere in which gullible voters and leaders believe this is ultimately about making our schools stronger, no place is safe.

Elections are bought and paid for.  In Jeffco, the financiers are about to reap a return on their investments.


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