27 December 2006: KYGT Website Upgrade

KYGT taking website to a new level

Beginning at 5:00 on January 3, KYGT will be offering a bi-weekly news hour that will primarily focus on briefs and updates throughout the county. The show will be recorded and rebroadcast several times over the ensuing two weeks. In addition, the recordings will be uploaded to the KYGT website to be accessed at your convenience.

This will be a great opportunity for all governmental bodies, non-profits, and other community organizations to get their information out over the air and via the Internet.

I have been redesigning the KYGT website front page adding more features including links to make it easier for you to get your group’s information to us. This can either be in the form of a news brief or update, or a public service announcement.

As we move more into the digital age, accessing the Internet for news and information will be the way to go. The Internet gives you the option to access all media, print and broadcast. For example, in case you are not able to catch the live news hour via your radio due to either schedule conflict or inability to get the signal—those darn mountains!—you can hear it on your computer. Of course, there are many in Clear Creek that either don’t have access to a computer or lack the skills to use one. That, then, needs to be a focus for the community to make Internet access available to all interested citizens.

In addition to the upcoming news hour program, KYGT currently offers several talk shows on pertinent, informative, and thought-provoking topics from the I-70 Corridor issue to environmental sustainability. You can find out who Greg Markle, Randy Wheelock, or I will be chatting with and on what topic by going to the website at www.clearcreekradio.com or www.kygt.org. We will work as well to identify who our guests will be via the KYGT ad in the Courant.

Developmentally the new news hour—tentatively dubbed “This Week in Clear Creek”—will be a work in progress. Adrienne Anderson, editor of the Courant, will be joining me with highlights from the paper. It is my goal as well to include special features and to have guests come on to briefly chat about hot-button topics such as the junk issue. So, if you are articulate and would like to weigh in on some topic, please contact me at westexp@aol.com. It will be sort of like an auditory letter to the editor, live, upfront and personal.

In the meantime, like so much around Clear Creek, the success of this endeavor will depend on citizens volunteering a few minutes to pass on information to me and learning new habits about media. While it’s vital to keep the print contacts to the Courant open, we need to remember that there are other powerful options to convey information. The volunteers at KYGT will do all we can to make it happen.

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