“It’s nonsense” by Steve Graeber

Global warming is bigger thangas-guzzling cars

Is there global warming? Yes. The planet’s climate is always warming or cooling, ice is always melting or accumulating. Is this global warming caused by man’s last 50 years of burning fossil fuels? Maybe to some small extent. Is there a crisis that in the near future the climate will warm so much that the ice caps will melt, coastlines will be flooded, stronger hurricanes will destroy more cities, crops fail to grow, and famine will encircle the globe? Not a chance!

So is the science “settled” and a “consensus” been reached? Well yes by the liberal media and some scientists. Of course we all know what type of stories media likes to publish and that is the bad things that happen or are happening. Just take one week’s worth of newspapers and see how many stories there are about death, robberies, and bad happenings. Now compare that to good stories about happy families, Samaritans, charities, and life savings? So what dominates – good or bad? Bad by a huge margin!

So should you believe the scientific writings of non-scientists namely journalists? They tend to get close but they also simplify the science for Joe Six-pack and this simplification can change an 85% consensus into a 100% consensus. Geesh was there not at one time a consensus that the earth was the center of the universe and that it was flat?

Not all scientists support this “consensus” view. There are many dissenters but the media generally doesn’t highlight their views. In fact the scientists do not know for certain what is happening or what will happen. Think about this – Is warming evidence of carbon driven warming? This cannot be proved and is only a guess. The climate is incredibly complex with probably the amount of energy output of the sun much more influential than the gas burned by man. Even with all the computing power in the world tied together and running models of our climate, the future cannot be positively predicted. The key word there is “models” – scientists’ best present guess about how our climate works.

The planet has been warming since the Little Ice Age that started in the 15th century and ended in the 19th. Why do you think Greenland was called Greenland when the Vikings discovered it around 1000 years ago? The ice was melting with not one greenhouse belching SUV in sight.

But here is the bottom line – how good are weather forecasters at forecasting the weather for next week, next month, and next year let alone decades away? Right, they don’t have a clue so how can you believe a bunch of scientists and liberal media about weather?

And here is one more fact, not a future prediction – President Clinton and Bush as well as most all Senators and Congressmen would not have approved the Kyoto Treaty because of its economic costs of billions with no real benefits to anyone. Some talk it up but most would not raise a hand to vote yes.

“The sky is falling!” screamed Chicken Little, a distant relative of Al Gore.

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