Can’t stop the world from warming–Graeber

“An Inconvenient Truth” here is that the liberal environmentalists have finally found a topic that allows them some leverage against their old antagonists Big Oil and Big Money. Why is it that liberal’s seem to hate profits and greed? Is it because this natural instinct of man negates liberals’ desire for the utopia of a good life for all? This egalitarian utopia liberals want is the same as that attempted by communism and we know how well that worked.

So environmentalist’s plan is to limit and/or eliminate man’s production of carbon emissions. At the extreme we would all be back to lighting our homes with candles and walking or riding our bikes to work. Yah right that is going to happen!

Another “Deadly Fact” is that most of the signatories of the Kyoto Protocol have not met their carbon reduction goals. Yes the United States emits a lot of greenhouse gases as we have the largest economy in the world. China and India as their economies grow at a faster rate then ours have carbon emissions rising at a rate faster than we do. They have not signed the Kyoto Protocol and there is no chance that they will.

The sky is not falling but what is observed is the “pie in the sky” desires of the radical environmentalists and their liberal allies.

Watch who funds your sources–Fabyanic

“Not all scientists support this ‘consensus’ view.” Of the 928 academic pieces written for peer review, not one opposes it. Yet, in the so-called liberal press, 53 percent of articles written on the subject claim the jury is still out. Unfortunately in their zeal to be “fair and balanced,” reporters and columnists often rely on sources such as the Competitive Enterprise Institute, which received $2,005,000 in funding from ExxonMobil, and the Texas-based National Center for Policy Awareness, which received $390, 900 from EM, both since 1998.

American writer Upton Sinclair once observed, “It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.”

Global warming is past consensus to agreement. Not only is the earth warming, it is heating up at a rate not seen in over a half-million years; and human activity is driving it. Ice cores dug from Antarctica are among other evidence that confirm it.

The Right has a problem with science unless it suits its preconceived outcomes. Science is based upon observable evidence and does not attach moral value or a dollar amount to its findings. Junk science designed to arrive at a pre-conceived finding does both.

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