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Catherine Scott, author of Booze at Breakfast

A conversation with Catherine Scott about her work Booze at Breakfast, Catherine’s personal account of the ravages of the disease of alcoholism on her family.

About the Story: A family portrait of the disease of alcoholism. Stories take us to the heart of life’s truths. This one hits us from all the characters’ perspectives: the hurting and abusive alcoholic, his wife and children’s experience, and especially his son’s journey. The story is laced with an Irishwoman’s spiritual wisdom and charm and a basketball-wielding priest’s fun compassion. Engrossing and wise, this story offers heart understanding for anyone who has puzzled over addictions of any ilk.

This work is dedicated to my deceased brother Johnny, who is Peter in the story. You’ll find some truth, some moonbeams, all containing a core of truth.

About the Author: Catherine Scott is a retired psychotherapist who learned to listen by practicing for a mere twenty-five years! Her first book, Divine Ordinariness, was channeled. Her next work, Booze at Breakfast, was dedicated to her brother.

Amazon Reviews: “deeply moving & well-written,” “expresses a broken child’s heart,” “a brave, gutsy, persistent child,” “well written, accurate, and very poignant”

Read and learn more about Catherine and her other works, Divine Ordinariness and Listening: A Story of a Therapist’s Zero Hour on her website. 

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