Adult Fiction Writers Talk Podcast

The Hare Raising Truth

Grimm’s Fairy Tales meets The Twilight Zone in this twisted tale of a teenage boy who wants what most boys want. The Hare, Raising Truth is not appropriate for children or prudes.

Aeron McCloud doesn’t know how good he has it. When he discovers the magical powers of his grandfather’s crusty old rabbit’s foot, he believes the good luck charm will deliver him from his unlucky past. He’s already dating the hottest girl in school, but he wants more. With his 17th birthday approaching, he plans to get really lucky with Jade.
What Aeron doesn’t know is that Jade has her own plan for him. She’s saving the surprise for his party.

Told from a 2nd person perspective, this adult fairy tale will encourage you to consider what you might desire if you should ever find a “lucky charm.”

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