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Flying Upside Down: Life lessons for the Faint of Heart

About the Book: Flying Upside Down in the context of this book is an intentional double-entendre. It means literally flying a plane upside down acrobatically. It also means turning fear upside down by engaging and controlling it rather than succumbing to it and letting it control your life.

As a kid, the author was involved in a terrible car accident – a near-death experience – which made him deathly afraid of heights, so much so that he couldn’t even ride in an elevator, had anxiety about riding too fast in cars, and could hardly bear to fly.  But later in life, determined to conquer his fears, he overcame this dysfunctional mindset by facing them directly, by mastering the art and science of flying – that is, by turning his fears upside down and becoming a pilot.

Flying Upside Down relates the author’s thrills, chills, ups and downs (literally), and his successes and screw-ups as he evolves into an experienced flyer who tests the limits of himself and his aircraft in some of the most challenging planes and situations imaginable – from a barely airworthy Cessna in Guam to aerobatics, parachuting, and some of the toughest mountain flying the Colorado Rockies has to offer.

Throughout the book, there are many useful lessons the author learned through his flying adventures that are instructive and relevant for pilots and non-pilots alike in dealing with life’s challenges, overcoming fear and building self-esteem and confidence.

About the Author: Tim served with the Marines in Vietnam in the 1960s, which became a basis for his first book, the award-winning Marines Never Cry: Becoming a Man When it Mattered, published in 2017.

Post-Marine Corps, Tim earned a master’s degree from the University of Memphis and worked in technical, managerial and senior executive positions in the public, private and nonprofit sectors.  Concurrently, he was an adjunct professor at the graduate and undergraduate levels for many years.

Tim has published numerous professional and technical articles and has also contributed to magazines and journals related to his intriguing pastimes – vintage cars and flying, the latter of which became a basis for his second book, Flying Upside Down: Life Lessons for the Faint of Heart.

Tim was awarded the distinction and badge of Honorary Lieutenant by the Denver Police Department (DPD) for his decade-long volunteer work with DPD and is currently active in military veterans’ activities and causes.

He is working on a third book, Racing With the Wind: Dodging the Grim Reaper ©, a memoir about his years as a car geek and drag racer and all the associated challenges, chilling adventures and life lessons. It will bring back great memories and leave you breathless!

CIPA EVVY Award: 2019 Second Place/Silver in the Humor Category

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