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Killing Godiva’s Horse

About the Book: A Murder, International and Political Intrigue, a National Monument Under Attack, and Possibly the Most-Timely Novel of the Year.

Ranger Jack Chastain returns. Drawn into battle by a man trying to start a western lands rebellion, Jack is sent to Kenya to hide until the storm passes and finish the research of a scientist killed by rhino poachers. While there, he hears something shocking, a campfire revelation that pitches Jack into a dangerous investigation of a ruthless rhino horn buyer. But Jack’s life in New Mexico unravels, forcing him to disobey orders and return home, and onto a raft, trapped between warring politicos and an angry river.

About the Author: J.M. Mitchell had a long career with the National Park Service at Yosemite, Grand Canyon and Zion National Parks, retiring as Chief of the agency’s Biological Resource Management Division, where he worked on the technical and sometimes politically charged issues facing the National Parks.

In addition to his novels, his writing has appeared in scientific and conservation journals, travel magazines, and newspapers. He serves on boards of scientific, philanthropic, and writer’s organizations and remains engaged with the NPS, developing training for natural resource managers.

Other Novels in the series: The Height of Secrecy, where we first meet Ranger Jack Chastain as he learns the secret of a death that happened sixteen years before, and Public Trust, in which Ranger Jack Chastain returns to the canyons of New Mexico after fighting wildfires and steps into a political firestorm.

More about J.M: Prairie Plum Press

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