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My Heart Lies Here

About the Book: In 1913, the United Mine Workers of America led a strike against John D. Rockefeller’s Colorado Fuel & Iron Company that would end in war. In this novel of the Ludlow Massacre, a young woman learns the true value of love and sacrifice and what it means to be an American.

Coming of age in the hardscrabble coal camp of Berwind, Colorado, Christian Scott is caught in a web of divided loyalties. Torn between her dedication to her brother, Alex, who stubbornly clings to his proud Scottish heritage, and her love of Pearl, a spirited and irreverent orphan whose flight from abuse and poverty lands her on the Scotts’ doorstep, she experiences heartbreak when the two become enemies. At the same time, she secretly joins with a passionate Greek man on a dangerous course of resistance against the coal company and the brutal Colorado National Guard that threatens to destroy everything–and everyone–she loves.

On August 27, 2016 I had the pleasure of interviewing Laurie Marr Wasmund, author of My Heart Lies Here, Clean Cut and White Winter Trilogy: To do Justice.

About the Author: LAURIE MARR WASMUND holds an M.A. in literature from the University of Denver. She has worked as an editor, community college instructor, and writing workshop presenter. Her short stories have appeared in literary magazines such as Cimarron Review and Weber Studies. She is the author of My Heart Lies Here, a novel of the Ludlow Massacre and Clean Cut, A Romance of the Western Heart, which was sponsored by a grant from the Rocky Mountain Women’s Institute. To Walk Humbly, the third book of her White Winter Trilogy, was a 2020 finalist for the Mainstream/Literary book award from the Colorado Authors League. It also received a 2020 EVVY third place award in Historical Fiction from the Colorado Independent Publishers Association.

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