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Hunt for Red Meat (love stories)

Award-winning author Laurel McHargue has hunted the “wily elk” with her husband in Colorado for three years and has captured the humor, beauty, and challenges of their hunting experiences in this series of memoir-style essays. Photos, quotes, hunting tips and haiku poems enhance this unique exploration of hunting, and Laurel demonstrates how hunting with one’s partner can engender feelings of love.As a bonus, Laurel includes a story designed to lure readers in about her first time fishing for trout in Gunnison River with her husband and friends. “I couldn’t make this one up,” she said.There are stories for seasoned hunters as well as never-gonna-hunters, husbands and wives, boyfriends and girlfriends, and anyone who might want to know what it’s like to explore the majestic outdoors. This book is as much about relationships as it is about hunting, and is sure to make you laugh.

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