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Jerry Fabyanic, author of Sisyphus Wins interviewed by Greg Markle

After publishing Sisyphus Wins, I had the distinct pleasure of being interviewed by KYGT founder and General Manager, Greg Markle, on the first segment of Writers Talk on my show the Rabbit Hole.

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Can you be who you authentically are and still be accepted by those most important to you?

Jonathan Slovanco finds comfort and safety both in his large family that has been traumatized due to a devastating tragedy and in the Catholic Church. But as he matures, he realizes that a fundamental difference between him and other boys may alienate him from everything and everyone he holds dear.

When confronted with the cold truth that he is on his own, Jonathan is faced with the decision whether to leave his family and friends and his church to uncover the truth of his being. During that struggle, he realizes that his journey is his to walk and that only he can resolve the conflicts he faces: with himself, his family, society, and his church.

For Jonathan, coming to self-acceptance is difficult enough. Coupling that with the courage needed to reveal his genuine self to his family feels like a Sisyphean effort.

What you don’t talk about can hold you back . . . and what you come to accept can set you free.

Praise for Sisyphus Wins
A profoundly honest, real-life novel about what it was like to grow up gay in a staunch Catholic family. No matter your creed or philosophy, this is an important book to be reflected upon and discussed.
-Rev. Joseph Holub, retired pastor, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

Jonathan’s coming-of-age as a gay boy raised in a Roman Catholic family in 1950s Pennsylvania is both disturbing and brave. Creating moods matching the high elevation of the Colorado Rockies and the low elevation of Pennsylvania, Fabyanic alternates between the life of the self-actualized adult Jonathan and the broken boy Jonathan. Every detail is thoughtfully placed to offer the reader a heart-wrenching and intellectual experience through Fabyanic’s use of Christian imagery and a modern twist on Joseph Campbell’s monomyth. This read is a journey worth taking.

-Nanci Hubbard Morse, MA, International Baccalaureate English Teacher/IB Coordinator, Summit High School Frisco, Colorado

Jerry masterfully dances back and forth between distressing life events, deep philosophical ponderings and light-hearted experiences. The reader is ultimately left wondering what is the line between truth and fiction.
-Jason C. Steinle, author of Upload Experience

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