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The Blades

Allynn Riggs, author of The Blood, The Balance, and now The Blades, the first three works in the quartet (The Seventh Stone: Book Four is forthcoming) that makes The Stone’s Blade series, converses with Writers Talk host Jerry Fabyanic about the genesis, characters, and the story’s development.

About the Work: The Blades: The Stone’s Blade: Book Three Can Ani and Taryn stop Treyder’s experiments and find the Stones of Teramar? While struggling to understand their new identities, the pair must lead the way in thwarting Treyder’s experiments before they result in unimaginable harm. Taryn is driven to help find the three Stones who have been waiting for a thousand years for their new Singers. The prophesied Song of Teaching cannot be sung until all three Stones and their Singers are gathered in one location. Without that song, knowledge of the shared past, future, and place of origin of those on Lrakira and Teramar may be lost. And there is no time to waste.

Read More on the Series: The BloodThe Balance. The Seventh Stone: The Stone’s Blade – Book Four is forthcoming.

About the Author: Allynn Riggs has been writing stories since she played in sand boxes with her plastic horses and after being nagged and cajoled by a determined collection of fictional characters for many years, she surrendered and shifted careers to tell their stories. Her science fiction series, The Stone’s Blade, began innocently enough as a short story written when she was fourteen. The characters of Ani, Kela, Taryn, and Renloret have never left her imagination or dreams and waited patiently until she was ready to share their worlds with you. Don’t let anyone tell you it is too late to get started writing. Begin, now.

When not writing or reading, Allynn participates in and teaches square and round dancing with her husband, big game hunting, quilting, and occasionally gardening. The mother of three grown daughters, Allynn resides in Centennial, Colorado, with her husband Bob.

Awards: The Blood was awarded 3rd Place in Science Fiction and 3rd Place in Fantasy in the Colorado Independent Publishers Association’s EVVY Awards in August 2014. The cover design also received a merit award.  The Balance was awarded 2nd Place in Science Fiction in the 2017 Colorado Independent Publishers Association’s EVVY Awards.


“In terms of grand scope, author Allynn Riggs has outdone herself [in The Blades, the third book of this quartet]. I enjoyed the read and hope to read more from this very talented author in the future.” – Clare O’Beara for Fresh Review. Read the full review.

[In The Blades] “Ani, Renloret, and Taryn return to Teramar searching to fulfill their destinies. Ani at one point realizes ‘We are not what we thought. We are so much more.’ Even Treyder doesn’t disappoint in his role, although evil. Other revelations and twists crop up in this next unveiling of their journey.” – Karen Dreher, technical writer

Riggs delivers complex characters and high stakes [in The Balance,]. Her imaginative world building reminds me of Ursula LeGuin.” – Karen Douglass, author of Accidental Child

[In The Blood] “Riggs has created a world both familiar and strange, and is in good company with the best science fiction and fantasy.” – Foreword Clarion Review. Read the full review at Foreward Clarion Review

“The engaging story reminds me of Anne McCaffrey’s interplanetary books . . .Crystals, swords, and a potential cure are a heady mix in this space fantasy. – Clare O’Beara, Dublin, Ireland, for Fresh Review. Read the full review on Fresh Review

“I love crossover genre fiction, and Allynn Riggs’ new SF/Fantasy delivers in both categories. Through a satisfying read that’s well thought out, well-paced, and strongly character-driven, the tale combines the best of space opera with an intriguing paranormal twist that has the feel of a whole fantasy epic. That’s a good thing for us, since this is the first book in a very promising series. Sure to find an enthusiastic audience.” – Dr. Mark Todd, program director of Western State Colorado University’s MFA in Creative Writing and author of SF and fantasy, including the award-winning Silverville Saga series.

“If you’re looking for alien romance, telepathic talking dogs, and other-worldly culture/religion, this story delivers . . . along with a few unexpected twists.” – Terry Wright, author, editor, publisher.

Special Pre-Sale of the first 50 copies of The Blades: The Stone’s Blade, Book Three – a one-time offer of signed limited edition (numbered in Lrakiran) copy (50 only) with a bonus sample of two bags of cinnamon tea that tastes exactly like Melli’s, all for $25 – this special is only available through me – it will not be available through Amazon. Interested persons can email me at for instructions on how to pay. Please put “Pre-Sale of The Blades” in the subject line. Your name and mailing address will be entered as I receive them, including the time of day it comes to me, on a first come-first served basis. Once I receive the books from the printer they will be signed, numbered, and mailed to you via first class postage. I will send you an acknowledging email with which number you will receive.

Planet Naming Contest – I’m running a contest to name the home world of the Stones that will appear in the fourth book, The Seventh Stone, (in the outlining phase). Please send your choice for the planet name with proposed pronunciation. Include the word’s origin (is it completely made up? Does it come from another language (include the meaning in that language)? Or is it a derivative of a word (misspelled, some letters exchanged or rearranged). Why do you think it fits in The Stone’s Blade series universe? Winner’s name and the name of the planet will be announced in January 2020. You can enter more than one name with your entry, and you can enter multiple times. Deadline for entries is December 31, 2019. This will give contestants time to get a copy of the third book and learn a bit more about the role of this third planet. Contest winner’s name will be included in the acknowledgement in the fourth book and will receive a complimentary copy of The Seventh Stone when it is published.

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