Nonfiction and Poetry Writers Talk Podcast

Peace by Piece

Determined not to fall into ruts of boredom and anxiety during a global pandemic, Laurel McHargue decided to dabble in the rising trend of jigsaw puzzling–something she’d never done before. Her first challenge was a 2,000-piece “monster.””You should write a book about what you learned,” her friend Nadine Collier suggested, and together, the author and counselor collaborated to create this fresh exploration of timeless life lessons.In these pages of humorous anecdotes and thoughtful questions for reflection, you will learn proven techniques for taking positive action in times of great uncertainty. This book is designed to inform and to entertain, to encourage and to provide hope. With a perfect balance of contemporary wit and professional wisdom, McHargue and Collier share voices from the past and present to embellish their own experience in the following chapters:- Patience and Persistence- Time Matters- Walk Away!- The Sum of Our Parts- The Little Things- Help?- Focus- A Different Perspective- Look Below the Surface- Celebrate!Each chapter ends with thoughtful questions to consider about each topic. This is a book you’ll want to share.

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