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Mister Hamlin’s List

About the Novel: Cripple Creek, 1904.  Gold and liquor flow freely. Conflict underlies the wealth as surely as gold underlies the town.  Mine owners have a list of preferred employees. If your name isn’t on Hamlin’s list, you can’t work at many mines. The Western Federation of Miners is on strike. The usual back and forth is overshadowed by fatal explosions set off, apparently by someone sympathetic to the Union. The Militia is called in to Cripple Creek, again. Repercussions and retribution rock the gold camp. 

About the Author: Stan Moore is enjoys talking with fellow railroad buffs, history lovers, and Colorado connoisseurs. He is available for public speaking including railroad groups, retirement homes, service clubs, and other local groups.  Recording selected talks for YouTube is being considered. Signings at local stores and functions are being arranged. Learn more about Stan at his website and email him at

In October 2016, I had the pleasure of interviewing Stan about his works on the Moffat Tunnel.

Listen to the Podcast here.

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