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Mister Moffat’s Hill

About the Novel: This historical novel is a follow-on to Mister Moffat’s Road, a historical novel set in 1902 and 03. Set in 1904, it describes the day-to-day problems on Rollins Pass. There, crews struggled to run a railroad over the highest through route in North America. The book tells history accurately with fictional characters adding texture and feel. The author’s great grandparents had a contract to help build the road; letters, diaries and family lore give the author uncommon insights and knowledge. Included is the story of a Colorado diamond mine scam which in fact occurred, albeit before 1904. It did in fact unfold as described. 

About the Author: Stan Moore is enjoys talking with fellow railroad buffs, history lovers, and Colorado connoisseurs. He is available for public speaking including railroad groups, retirement homes, service clubs, and other local groups.  Recording selected talks for YouTube is being considered. Signings at local stores and functions are being arranged. Learn more about Stan at his website and email him at

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