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Finding the Divine

About the Author:  A testament to the power of perseverance after having grown up as an impoverished teenager in rural Missouri, Janine “Dancing Crow” Bolon is a Sacred Clown, Shaman, Bell Dancer and First Chakra Healer. She was initiated into the Thunder Clan after being struck by lightning at the age of eight. After spending 20+ years working with an enlightened Hindu Guru and the Native American Grandmothers and Grandfathers, she provides shamanistic and spiritual healing for Relationships, Wealth and Life Path Transformations.

Her firm The8Gates is dedicated to teaching fundamental principles of spiritual and financial independence. Janine has written seven books on the topic and teaches math and metaphysics in her spare time.

About the Work: What you are in the eyes of God is unlike anything you’ve been taught, that is, if you’ve been raised Catholic like me. This book is dedicated to any seeker who craves a one-to-one conversation with God. Allow me to show you how it can be done. In this book I’ll share with you:

  • How Sitting in Silence is the beginning of the Mystic’s Journey to God
  • The Second Coming of Christ Experience
  • The Afterlife Adventure for Souls
  • Meditation learned from Hindus, Buddhists & Shamans
  • What Good & Evil really is in the Eyes of God

Quotes from Finding the Divine:

“If you are a recovering Catholic like me, what you are in the eyes of God is unlike anything you’ve ever been taught.”

“For most of my life, all I have ever desired was a two-way communication with God. I finally have that after seeking for this Divine Romance for over 25 years.”

“I never understood what the Ten Commandments had to do with the love of God. It was this type of perspective that usually got me in trouble as a kid.”

“When a soul decides it is time for it to shake off the body and go back to its Source, the death of the body will be timed perfectly for all the participants on that soul’s journey to be available for the lessons and discussions that are needed before the parting of ways.”

“This white light or white star is the portal that shamans, psychics, tarot card readers, mediums and mystics use to remove the veils of physicality from our sight and look into the astral plane to gather the information we are asked to retrieve for people back here on Earth.”

“I hope you have been given a bit of a glimpse into the heaven-on-Earth, and beyond that can be yours; that it inspires you to go within and learn more about Source for yourself.”

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