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The Stubborn Princess

About the Book: A beautiful princess with curly hair down to her feet is the stuff of fairy tales, but what happens when the princess tires of the upkeep and stubbornly declares a hair care holiday? Anyone with curly hair knows the answer to that question—a disaster!

Mistaking her knotted hair for a nest, a large bird lays her eggs while the Princess is dozing in the garden and sets into motion an unexpected turn of events as the princess is flown far away. Getting back home will require that she focus her stubborn streak in a new direction, and getting back to normal will require she truly see herself for what she has become.

(watercolor illustrations, ages 3-8)

About Jodi Bowersox: Jodi has never liked being put in a box. Over the course of her life, she has been an actress, seamstress, designer, business owner, home-school teacher, kid’s choir director, and artist, so it’s only natural that her writing would take on an eclectic flare as well.

Her romance novels span genres from faith fiction to suspense to time travel to sci fi with small town and big city settings. In addition, she has children’s picture books to her credit, a book of stage productions, and a non-fiction Bible commentary.

As an award-winning watercolor artist, Jodi specializes in pet portraits, and as a seamstress, she creates women’s vests out of men’s ties. You can view all her creative endeavors, as well as read samples of her books at

Jodi lives in the heart of Colorado Springs with her husband and too many cats where they never get tired of looking at the mountain views.

Learn more about Jodi: websiteContact Jodi: email 

Purchase The Stubborn Princess: Available through Jodi’s website.

Read about Jodi’s other works: Mars Madness / Rocky Mountain Angels

Listen to Jodi on the Writers Talk Podcast with host Jerry Fabyanic here.

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